In the year 2017 World War 3 broke out. Some people called it the “Atomic War” or, “The Final War” because it was clear to everyone that there would be nothing left to argue over. It was clear the new president of the United States, Donald Trump, would indeed ruin what was left of Earth. It started as early as December, The United States flexing its Nuclear Power to New Warsaw Pact and even going as far as to claim the entirety of the Arctic as their own. Without proper proposals or claims, the United States of America had started setting up mining depots, base camps, and military bases along the coast of the Arctic. It didn’t take long for Russia to take action, knowing that they themselves had large claims on what was the Arctic territory, as the United States of America is expelled from NATO, and the UN; China would be invited into the Warsaw Pact by Russia, who would begin to start opposing American claims to the North. Other countries who had claims on Arctic territory such as Denmark and Canada became enraged with sudden mobilization into the Arctic and in an unexpected move (to the US), Canada, Denmark, and Norway all left NATO and were personally invited into the Warsaw Pact by Vladmir Putin. In a single meeting, it was official, NATO was dissolved along with the United Nations, the world once again divided. On January 4, 2017 the United States of America made the first aggressive move in the Arctic and began bombing Russian FOBs in the Arctic using advanced drones suited to combat in sub-arctic temperatures.

Newspapers flashed with the headline “America starts a third world war with aggressive expansion into Arctic Territories”. This was the end, on the very same day, a day filled with so much Nationalism it led us to our demise. Some say America went first, other say it was Russia, but Infantry troops had barely mobilized by the time Nuclear Bombs had been reportedly detonated in several locations. The nickname “Judgement Day” eerily echoed across the internet and news before everything went black at 9:03am. By 9:47am most major Cities around the world had been ravaged by Nuclear Devastation, and the world population dropped over 90%. Power Grids went down worldwide, and by 10:00am the ‘End Twilight’ had begun. The Earth is changed for ever.

New Twilight